ForeTees Support Team

Who We Are

Everyone at ForeTees has experience at private clubs, either as a part of the staff or as a member.  We know first hand what it takes to manage the complex areas of a club and we know the importance of first class service.  That is why we are here 24/7 with our expert support staff ready to assist you. We are dedicated to providing the best service possible to the private club industry.

ForeTees Is Born

June 11, 2002

Bob Parise, ForeTees Founder and President, was a member at Dellwood Hills C.C. in St. Paul, Minnesota, when in 2002 the golf staff came to him and asked if he could use his programming skills to create an online tee…

ForeTees Supports Multiple Courses and Lotteries

June 17, 2003

The ForeTees Tee Time System added the functionality to support multiple golf course facilities and added a Lottery System.

ForeTees Adds POS Interfaces

May 10, 2004

An interface that allowed the ForeTees system to talk with the club’s POS system.

ForeTees Adds a GHIN Interface

February 23, 2007

ForeTees was the first company to implement the GHIN Vendor Interface.  This allows members to record scores within the ForeTees software and provides the staff with valuable player reports.

ForeTees Courts (and more) is Launched

March 25, 2009

The Court System was created with the same look and feel of the Tee Time System. 

ForeTees Releases It’s First Mobile Solution

July 7, 2009

ForeTees had a Mobile Solution one year after the App Store was launched by Apple. Understanding the importance mobile could have in the future, ForeTees started on this early.

ForeTees Dining is Launched

April 9, 2012

ForeTees Dining was designed to have the same look and feel as the tee time system.  It allows members to easily make dining reservations and register for club events.

ForeTees Website Is Launched

December 12, 2012

All ForeTees Reservation Systems are embedded right in the club’s beautiful and mobile-friendly website.

All of ForeTees is Mobile Friendly

March 17, 2014

ForeTees was the first club software company to offer its reservation systems and club websites in technology that allows the system to adapt to the users’ screen size making it easy to navigate and view on any mobile device.

ForeTees Mobile App is Launched

January 7, 2015

ForeTees was the first club software company to offer a native Mobile App. Available in the Apple App Store and Google Play Store.

ForeTees Reaches 100 Million Logins

October 3, 2015

ForeTees is Software Made Simple and that is why members love to use our system – over 100 million times.

ForeTees Acquires Club62 – a Cloud-Based Back Office Solution

December 9, 2015

Now with a Club Management Software ForeTees can provide clubs with a Total Solution.