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The Most Complete Online Reservation System For Private Clubs

Our user-friendly system allows your members to easily schedule their reservations online.

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NOTE:  We are constantly adding new features and capabilities to the ForeTees system.  Please contact one of our knowledgeable sales representatives for a more complete list.

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ForeTees is intensely committed to providing the finest and most well-adopted reservation systems in the private club industry at very competitive prices.  In addition to extending ALL existing clients preferred pricing on additional reservation systems, we also offer them an extensive array of built-in functionality at NO ADDITIONAL CHARGE. Such functionality includes:

  • Online Event & Tournament Registration
  • Online Group & Private Lesson Registration
  • Online Demo Equipment Tracking
  • Guest Tracking Capability
  • Dynamic Report Generation that can be customized for specific departments, manager, committees or Boards
  • Online Caddie Management Software targeted specifically to clubs who maintain a robust caddie programs.

Nearly a decade ago, we at ForeTees created the first reservation system designed exclusively for private club tee times; something no other company had ever attempted successfully.  At that time, the only option available was to implement a re-tooled daily fee or public course tee times system—a strategy which still today has significant challenges, primarily around an inability to enforce (sometimes dozens) of play restrictions common to nearly all private clubs.  To overcome these limitations, we eliminated the “learning curve” by assembling the core of our sales and support team with PGA golf professionals.  These individuals know firsthand the very demanding nature of private club members and their insistence that all service aspects of their club experience be exceptional, virtually trouble-free and highly personalized.

After the successful launch of the tee time system, we expanded our product offerings by adding a similar system for clubs that do not take tee times (a Notification System) as well as a complete reservation system known as FlxRez for other club activities such as tennis, squash, platform tennis, and most other club activities.  (The name FlxRez taken from its extremely flexible nature and ability to adapt to needs within many different reservation environments at your club.) FlxRez can even be used to handle room reservations and certain spa activities.

In October of 2011, we officially launched a (much anticipated) reservation system for ala carte’ dining & event registration, known simply as ForeTees Dining.  The foundation of ForeTees Dining involves strict compliance to making sure the mechanics of the booking process is equally fast, simple and highly preferred by members and staff as ForeTees Tee Times has been for over a decade.


ForeTees is the leading provider of online tee times for private clubs in the United States.  The company provides a state-of-the-art online system that was designed by golf professionals – individuals who know the day-to-day, behind-the-scenes issues facing private golf clubs today.  ForeTees was designed with the sole purpose of providing a superior online tee time system that would not only facilitate the golf professional’s job, but also enhance member communication, service, and satisfaction.

MOBILE TECHNOLOGY: In 2010, ForeTees released its new mobile and iPad interfaces allowing customers to access tee times on their smart phones or iPads at NO additional cost to the club or its members.  This interface also allows staff members to access a live tee sheet from anywhere on the golf course, if desired, over their mobile device or 3G iPad.

For clubs that do NOT take tee times, ForeTees also developed and launched the new  Tee Time Notification System in 2010, which features virtually the same fabulous administrative feature set as ForeTees Tee Times minus the member booking feature.  If ever a club ever chooses to evolve into a full tee times system, the transition from Notifications to Tee Times is accomplished—quickly and easily.


Caddie Management System: Provided at no additional cost with either of the 2 above Golf Products.

More Information on the ForeTees Caddie System


As a perfect “crowning touch” to the most comprehensive suite of online reservation modules in the industry, ForeTees proudly launched  ForeTees Dining in December of 2011—an incredibly powerful yet easy-to-use system for both members and club staff alike.


ForeTees has also taken its state-of-the-art reservation system to other areas of the club as well with one of it’s newest integrated product known as FlxRez. This online reservation system can be customized for tennis courts, squash, platform tennis, certain spa operations and many other scheduled environments within the private club space.  Just like our tee time system, FlxRez was developed to afford your club exponential increases in staff efficiency, as well as profound enhancements to member service and satisfaction.

For the best in private club online reservations, ForeTees is the answer.   Our innovative products, outstanding 24/7 customer support and complimentary system upgrades are just part of the reason that we are the industry leaders in online reservations.  In the final analysis,  we believe the true honor of being recognized “the best” can only be bestowed by those that use our systems systems heavily—-day in and day out:   the members AND the staff.