Golf (Tee Times)

Product Highlights
Customer Features – Club Members, Golf Professional Staff, General Managers

NOTE:  We are constantly adding new features and capabilities to the ForeTees system.  Please contact one of our knowledgeable sales representatives for a more complete list.

General Features

  • ForeTees allows customized configuration of tee sheets
  • ForeTees enforces all restrictions established by the golf shop for members and their guests
  • ForeTees notifies members of new tee times or changed tee times
  • Tee sheets show players’ names, walk/cart selections, and current handicap indexes (optionally)
  • Golf shop staff and members can view the entire tee sheet for a specified day
  • ForeTees supports double tees and cross-over times
  • ForeTees supports alternating, or staggered, tee times
  • ForeTees supports multiple courses
  • ForeTees supports 5-somes, including restrictions for 5-somes
  • ForeTees provides online event registration
  • Tee sheets visibly show events and restrictions and block members accordingly
  • ForeTees offers an online lesson book
  • ForeTees supports multiple types of Lotteries (or Draws): Weighted (2 versions), Random, and Proshop-Select
  • ForeTees automatically emails back-up tee sheets to the golf shop
  • ForeTees provides extensive and valuable course usage reports
  • ForeTees integrates with several POS/Accounting systems
  • ForeTees is fast and very user friendly
  • ForeTees is hosted on our secure servers thereby eliminating the high cost of owning and maintaining hardware and software required for a web server on site
  • Access to ForeTees requires only a minimal amount of hardware and software (a computer and an Internet browser)
  • ForeTees’ technical support is available 24/7


  • ForeTees provides members with a faster and easier option for making tee times
  • ForeTees is available 24 hours a days, 7 days a week from anywhere you have Internet access
  • With ForeTees you no longer have to experience long hold times on the telephone to make a tee time (online times can be made in an instant)
  • ForeTees enables you to view the entire tee sheet for a specified day within a club-specified number days of the current date (see who’s playing, with whom, and when)
  • You can make and modify your tee times online
  • ForeTees lets you create a “Partner” list of members with whom you play most often (expedites the tee time making process even more)
  • ForeTees sends an automatic email confirmation to all members in the tee time once the tee time is made, or if it is modified (you always know the status of your tee time)
  • With ForeTees you can register for events online quickly and easily
  • With ForeTees you can register for lotteries/draws online quickly and easily, and you receive an email once your time has been assigned
  • ForeTees lets you search for other members’ tee times
  • ForeTees’ calendar feature lists all current tee times and events for each individual member
  • With ForeTees you can send emails to other members
  • ForeTees enables you to view a list of upcoming events

Golf Staff

  • ForeTees enables the golf shop staff to setup initial club parameters including days in advance members can reserve tee times, start and end time for tee sheets, minutes between tee times, and more
  • ForeTees allows the staff to maintain complete control over the tee sheets, managing multiple sheets at once, quickly switching between them (quickly and easily alter the tee sheets using ForeTees advanced ‘Edit Tee Sheet’ feature)
  • Using ForeTees drastically reduces the number of phone calls into golf shop, allowing staff to spend more time interacting with members who are on the premises
  • ForeTees supports double tees and cross-over times
  • Events can be setup and managed to allow members to register online
  • ForeTees displays events on the tee sheet and blocks members from scheduling tee times during events
  • ForeTees enables the golf shop staff to establish restrictions for members and their guests based on member gender and age, membership types, timeframes and more
  • ForeTees allows the staff to easily check in players upon arrival (tracks no-shows)
  • ForeTees warns, but does not prevent the golf shop from overriding play restrictions when booking times for member and/or guests
  • Members cannot override restrictions established in ForeTees
  • ForeTees completely manages lottery requests and lottery processing
  • ForeTees allows the golf shop to send emails to members quickly and easily
  • ForeTees can send emails to participants in specified events
  • Golf Shop staff can send emails to members that contain “smart links” that allow members to register for events directly from the email link
  • ForeTees enables the staff to search for a specific member or a group of members’ tee times
  • Staff can use ForeTees Announcements page (which is viewed by members when they login) to announce events, specials, golf course status, weather forecast, etc.
  • ForeTees generates instant reports to display the number of rounds played, including rounds by membership category or by age, to list members and handicaps, to list members’ past tee times, an to identify no-shows
  • ForeTees prevents duplicate tee times
  • ForeTees tracks and, therefore, reduces the number of no-shows

General Managers

  • ForeTees provides excellent cross-marketing capabilites
  • Using ForeTees results in improved accuracy in billing guest fees, cart fees and greens fees
  • ForeTees record-keeping reports provide administrative support and backup when handling member discrepancies over billing (reports tell you exactly when someone was playing, with whom and whether the member walked, used a caddie or forecaddie, or used a cart)
  • ForeTees automatically enforces club policies
  • ForeTees staff can assist with the initial setup of the member database
  • With ForeTees, you reap the benefits of improved member satisfaction (members love having access to the additional information that ForeTees provides)
  • ForeTees is hosted off-site to avoid costly maintenance of equipment and software
  • ForeTees generates instant reports to display the number of rounds played and by which category of members, list members and handicaps, list members’ past tee times, identify no-shows, and more

ForeTees results in significantly increased traffic through the club’s website (up to ten-fold)