The caddie system module is included at no additional cost in all ForeTees Tee Time and Notification Systems (for clubs without starting times).

Interlachen Country Club in Edina, MN launched ForeTees Caddie Management in the spring of 2011.

ForeTees Caddie Software has taken our caddie program to a new level. If you have a caddie program, or you are thinking about starting one, you have got to see this software.

Nathan Ollhoff, Head Golf Professional

ForeTees Caddie Software improves the quality of life for the members, the staff, the caddies, and even the caddies’ parents. Now, the caddies know when they need to show up at the club.

Jim Venewitz, Caddie Master

How It Works

The Caddie Master can view the live ForeTees tee sheet and assign caddies based on the players’ requests and caddie availability. Any changes to the tee sheet are conveyed to the Caddie Master, allowing assignments to be updated if necessary. Caddies have a one to four week window, which is determined by the club, to go online and indicate their availability.

Everything In One Place

Extensive reporting tracks caddies by number of loops and for whom they caddied. Reporting also tracks which members used caddies and, specifically, which caddie worked for each member. Your caddie database includes home address, home phone, cell phone, email address & more.

Caddie Notification System

The Caddie Master has the ability to send email and text message blasts to caddies to recruit caddies when short during or before extra-busy times or important events. Caddies can be notified by text or email of their assignment in advance (normally the day before). Then, the caddie confirms their availability on the system.

Master Your Operations

This ForeTees system makes for a more efficient caddie operation, thus the caddies are happier, the caddie master has the necessary tools to do a better job, the members appreciate having a top rate caddie program, and the parents benefit, as well.

Knowing caddie availability makes it easier for the Caddie Master to make assignments and have adequate coverage for each day. Finally, members are more likely to get their preferred caddies according to the caddie level requested.

Time Management

Caddies have reported more efficient use of their time, in some cases allowing them to pursue a second summer job.

Caddies work with a more positive attitude because life is simpler knowing their schedule in advance and parents of caddies appreciate the fact they know what time their son or daughter begins work and approximately what time they will be finished.

Caddies can report for work just prior to their loop (usually one hour) instead of sitting around wondering if they will be needed that day.

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