The FlxRez online system is a simple and flexible solution for your club’s reservation needs. It’s easy for members to register and easier yet for the staff to use. Even better, it’s modeled after our very successful ForeTees online golf reservation system; the #1 choice of private clubs.

Convenient For Your Members

Our user-friendly system allows your members to easily schedule their reservations online 24-hours a day. Plus, FlxRez will email reminders to members about their upcoming schedule or appointment.

Save Money

Because FlxRez is hosted on our secure servers, it eliminates the need for costly onsite hardware and software.

Instant Access

You’ll get up-to-the-minute detailed information with FlxRez to analyze your clubs reports and statistics like trends and business operations—all right at your fingertips.

Efficient For Your Staff

FlxRez keeps your staff and members synchronized and organized with real-time scheduling updates. No more scheduling conflicts or overlapping appointments.

FlxRez Gives You More

FlxRez online reservation system gives you more convenient scheduling, more efficient administration and more accurate reporting for your club.

Flexible Design

Your club can use FlxRez for practically any reservation needs at your club outside of golf and dining.

Simple Event Or Lesson Sign Up

Increase enrollment and participation by having all your events and lessons online. Plus, verify attendance, track payments and improve target marketing.

Save Time

FlexRez eliminates the time your staff spends on the phone scheduling reservations, so they can devote more time to your members or important club operations.

Easy Operation

FlxRez is a modular and flexible system. It works equally well with Foretees or on it’s own, so you can be up-and-running right away.

For All Your Reservation Needs


24-hour access online
Reduce the time spent on the phone
Hosted on our secure servers


Easy schedule management
Comprehensive reporting capabilities
Event and lesson scheduling


Easy system configuration
Guest tracking feature
Enforces club policies