Allow Members to Access Your Club Anywhere

ForeTees Website combines a superior, well-proven Website Technology with ForeTees Reservations, the private club industry’s leading Online Reservations Technology, to create an incredible online experience.

Looks Great on Any Device

Only need to maintain one website. All the content you have on the site will appear on all of your members’ devices.  No need to maintain both a Desktop and Mobile version. One Size Fits All with ForeTees.

Complete ForeTees Integration

Tee Times, Dining Reservations, Court Reservations, Club Events and much more. All reservations are embedded directly into the website, creating seamless experience as members move in and around the website — never losing sight of the website’s navigation.

Elimination of Multiple Calendars

A SINGLE website filtered calendar that shows color-coded links to all club events including all their activities created through ForeTees.

*Used with permission from The Club at Mediterra, Naples Florida.

The BEST Support in the Club Industry

Every support specialist has career experience in the system they support – we understand the challenges and the solutions at the club level.

The Complete Package

If you don’t currently offer a full solution to your members or your club utilizes several different software solutions in a patchwork of functionality that frustrates your members – it’s time you tried ForeTees Websites.

The Ultimate Online Cross-Marketing Environment

Nearly 40,000 times per day, a member at a private club logs into ForeTees – STAGGERING when you think about the amount of exposure that creates for these members’ club websites.

A True Content Management System (CMS)

In addition to simple page editing with content and imagery, club administrators can add/remove and position news plug-ins, slide shows, videos, full and partial calendars, surveys and polls and over a dozen different items anywhere on the page. Also edit/add/remove navigation anywhere within their club website – quickly and easily.

ForeTees Uses Separate Client Databases

Each club has its own database which creates significant advantages, both in terms of performance as well as security, as opposed to our competitors who lump all clubs into a single, shared database.

Social Media Integration

Club administrators can designate specific content created in ForeTees to be pushed automatically to Facebook and/or Twitter.

Complete Authoring Permissions Control

Club administrators can quickly provide authoring permissions to specific individuals or groups; whether staff, members or outside agencies. These permissions can apply to a single page, a single section, a certain news category, or the entire website – it’s all controlled at the club level.

Online Member Statements & Payments

Seamless access to Online Member Statements & Bill Pay

Ability to Limit Access by Member & Staff Groups

Club administrators can quickly create pages and complete sections viewable ONLY by specific groups – perfect for creating committee sections, board of director sections, staff-only intranets, etc. Login Groups see ONLY the specific section(s) they’ve been given access to.

Complete RSS Feed Capability

Club administrators can easily set up full pages or smaller sections of a page within ForeTees to carry news feed from third party sources