Welcome to the ForeTees ClubCentral App Login Help page.

Please note that in order to login to the ClubCentral app YOU MUST BE A MEMBER OF A PRIVATE CLUB that uses the ForeTees Reservation System and the ForeTees ClubCentral App.

Step 1.  Login to ForeTees as you normally would from your computer or mobile device.

Step 2.  Select the ‘Settings‘ tab in the main navigation.

Step 3.  Scroll down to the ‘Mobile Device Setup‘ section.  If you cannot locate this section, then it is likely that your club has not purchased the ClubCentral app.

Step 4.  Click on the ‘Generate Code‘ button.

Step 5.  Make a note of the generated code.  The code will be in a format like ABC1-23EF-G45H-I67J.

Step 6.  Enter this code into the white text box on the app’s activation page.

NOTE:  You do not need to enter the dashes (-) and the letters can be lower case or upper case.

Please contact your club staff if you have any questions or problems.  Thank you.