ForeTees & Major Milestones!

August of 2011 marked some major milestones for ForeTees—milestones we’d like to extend our deepest gratitude for to our clients.  Without the collective enthusiasm of thousands of staff members throughout our over 400 clubs nationwide, it’s very simple:  we wouldn’t have a chance of having this sort of success—-especially in these challenging times.

As of August 30, 2011:

  • Over 230,000 club members have logged into the ForeTees reservation system over 41 million times
  • Members have booked over 6.9 million new tee times and modified over 5.9 million tee times after they were booked
  • In total, over 14.5 million new tee times and an additional 16 million modified tee times have been processed by ForeTees
  • ForeTees Mobile has been logged into over 438,000 times(up 4 times over the same period in 2010) confirming a staggering growth trend toward members preferring Smartphones over their computers when mobile services are available.

Simply stated, there’s NO WAY to overstate the appreciation we have for the clients who’ve given us an opportunity to deliver real and measurable results to their clubs over the past decade.  Going forward, it’s our hope to continue to grow the mobile & online reservations business into other key revenue centers throughout the private club industry…

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