Happy Birthday! ForeTees App

The ForeTees App is now one year old from when clubs started releasing it to their membership. Here are some of the Milestones that were reached in it’s first year.

  • 221 Clubs with the app
  • Over 23,000 members using the app
  • Over 1.4 Million logins into ForeTees through the app

Here is one of the many ForeTees App success stories. Country Club of Lincoln was one of the first to see the importance that a mobile app could provide to it’s membership. Nick Muller, Director of Golf and his staff has done an outstanding job getting their membership turned on to the app.

Nick Muller,
PGA Director of Golf,

Country Club of Lincoln

“The ForeTees ClubCentral App has been a tremendous investment for our club. Over 60% of our reservations are made through the app and the communication with our membership has never been better. Our members LOVE IT!”

Here is a screenshot of Country Club of Lincoln’s member login numbers since launching the app to their membership. You can see that their membership was accessing ForeTees through the app over 60% of the time during their first year. Another 5% or so was through a browser on a mobile device. That leaves about 30% of the logins into ForeTees were through a computer.

Your membership wants access your club through their smartphones. The ForeTees app is easy to use, simple to setup and customize, and a great marketing tool.

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