I was Chairman of the MCC Golf Committee at the time that Greg brought us the ForeTees program. Being somewhat computer literate I was in favor of pursuing, but I had reservations for many of our members. While a youth movement has started to appear, many of our members are “mature.” (I’m looking for a way to say old farts!) The Golf Committee wanted to make certain that these members would be accommodated by our regular call-in method of booking tee times.

After committing to the Foretees program, the committee asked Greg for an update each month. He was able to give us some quick statistics on the number of unique members using the system and the percentage of times booked through ForeTees. The numbers grew geometrically each month without one complaint coming before the committee!

Our members are proud to have been the first club in the area to modernize. We needle the other private club in town whenever we can and Foretees gave us some additional ammunition!

Personally, I have found ForeTees to be an excellent addition to MCC. It is extremely simple to operate, gives you a chance to view the entire tee sheet for the club, keeps track of all your times and allows you to list the members you regularly play with. The follow up e-mail feature to all members in the tee time is fantastic! You no longer need to call everyone and they can get all this information 24 hours a day.

We are very pleased with ForeTees and now if it could only read putts, you would really have something!