The Albany Country Club in Albany County, New York began using the ForeTees tee reservation system in the spring of 2004. As with any new system, especially one that uses a computer and modifies the time honored tradition of talking to the proshop to reserve tee times, I was apprehensive about the functionality of this new approach to reserving tee times. Well the 2004 golf season is all but behind us now in upstate New York and I can honestly say that our members who use the system have almost 100 per cent satisfaction with all of its features. Personally I have used the system since its inception and really don’t know why any club would function without it. The designers of the software certainly know the needs of club members and have pretty much thought of everything. Some of the features which I think are important include:

  1. The system automatically generates an email to the entire foursome when a reservation is made or when a change to the reservation is made.
  2. On Saturday and Sunday mornings when we have a “lottery” in effect, the system notifies the members of the foursome the requested time and when the proshop makes the assignment another email is automatically generated showing the exact time assigned.
  3. The tee sheets for every day are easily accessible for viewing by the member, so if you don’t have a foursome you can easily spot openings and sign yourself in.
  4. If you forget to make or modify a tee time during the day, but remember to do it at 3am, the system is 24/7.
  5. On the second day of tournaments when pairings are done by score you don’t have to remember to call the proshop to obtain your tee time. At our Club this usually means remembering to call sometime on Saturday afternoon for your Sunday time. With ForeTees just turn on the computer and either check your email or view the tee sheet.

I know that the software used by Foretees is continually undergoing updates based on input from users, but I can honestly say that in my view the system is flawless in its current format.