Moving into a new CMS and web reservations system is a big decision. Ease of use for the Membership is a top priority, additional considerations for adopting a system that supports and enhances the service that staff provides to the Membership are equally important. Today’s Club Members are digital natives and they want diverse, rich content from their Club’s website. Members expect to see up-to-date, flexible and easy-to-use information from their Club, on every platform. I am happy to say that the ForeTees Premier system delivers on every front. This is where the smart people who are looking for a high quality, flexible CMS should be going. Fully responsive design, excellent customer service, easy web-based event and dining reservations, top-notch CMS and superb flexibility are what made ForeTees Premier the obvious solution for Bel-Air Bay Club.

When it came to wanting the best software for my membership at the Canterbury Golf Club I knew I needed to turn to ForeTees. They have proven to me to have the best and most innovative software in the industry. It’s user-friendly for both the members and the staff and since installing their complete line of products, I couldn’t be happier. However, if we ever do need assistance, ForeTees is there 24/7 with free support and a knowledgeable, friendly staff. Plus, their mobile strategy is the best in the business. It’s reliable, full featured and, in most cases, there is no extra charge for this important service. After all, my members are using their mobile devices more than ever.

These are just a few of the reasons that we use ForeTees at Canterbury for our website and our entire reservation needs. ForeTees claims to enhance the member experience at private clubs and, without question, they do that better than anyone else in the business. Thank you, ForeTees!

They Have Proven To Me To Have The Best And Most Innovative Software In The Industry

After 37 years at Hazeltine National, I can honestly say that ForeTees was one of the best decisions I made for the golf program. It was a significant time saver for the staff and because it’s so user-friendly, more than 85% of the members made their tee times online. In my opinion, no one does it better than ForeTees!

After 37 Years At Hazeltine National, I Can Honestly Say That ForeTees Was One Of The Best Decisions I Made

If you can think of something that will help your operation, ForeTees will come up with a way to make it happen! Year in and year out ForeTees continues to be the only computer related service that we utilize that gives us no problems!


ForeTees Continues To Be The Only Computer Related Service That We Utilize That Gives Us No Problems!

At Merion Golf Club, ForeTees has provided us with a state-of-the-art custom tee time program. As result, our members love using the system, reports are ‘a piece of cake’ to run, and we have eliminated hundreds of phone calls a week. Organizationally, this gets us off the phones and gets us face-to-face with the members.

ForeTees Has Provided Us With A State-of-the-art Custom Tee Time Program

“My members look at ForeTees as an institution.  They are so comfortable with making tee times, registering for tournaments and signing up for lessons that they could never imagine doing it any other way.  ForeTees is a must for most every private golf club looking to succeed in an ever-changing golf industry!”

My Members Look At ForeTees As An Institution.

In the 23 years that I have been here, it [ForeTees] is the best thing we have ever done! It runs like clockwork.

It’s a no brainer! There is absolutely no downside to ForeTees. A true win-win for your club.

A True Win-win For Your Club.

Despite our concerns about how our ‘older members’ would react, ForeTees was embraced by the entire membership from the word ‘go.

ForeTees is such a strong and stable product. Its ease of use in making tee times has really made members love it. We [the golf staff] love it because it has reduced our phone calls substantially freeing us to spend more time with members who are in the shop.

The addition of ForeTees to our Club proved to be one of the smartest moves we made in ’04! Advertising Club events on ForeTees not only helped our golf operation, but our Food & Beverage numbers as well! A first class service!

ForeTees has brought an unprecedented number of members to our web site. In May 2004, there were 8,400 hits by members on our site. In May 2005, two months after implementing ForeTees, we had nearly 42,000 member-logins!

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