Congratulations to the ForeTees team for coming up with a very elegant, functional, easy to use and quick to install mobile phone solution. Not only is the software great, but you excelled in providing our club and members easy to understand steps for installing and using the software. My iPhone now has the most important application, ForeTees, front and center and always available! Great job! Thank you!

I was Chairman of the MCC Golf Committee at the time that Greg brought us the ForeTees program. Being somewhat computer literate I was in favor of pursuing, but I had reservations for many of our members. While a youth movement has started to appear, many of our members are “mature.” (I’m looking for a way to say old farts!) The Golf Committee wanted to make certain that these members would be accommodated by our regular call-in method of booking tee times.

After committing to the Foretees program, the committee asked Greg for an update each month. He was able to give us some quick statistics on the number of unique members using the system and the percentage of times booked through ForeTees. The numbers grew geometrically each month without one complaint coming before the committee!

Our members are proud to have been the first club in the area to modernize. We needle the other private club in town whenever we can and Foretees gave us some additional ammunition!

Personally, I have found ForeTees to be an excellent addition to MCC. It is extremely simple to operate, gives you a chance to view the entire tee sheet for the club, keeps track of all your times and allows you to list the members you regularly play with. The follow up e-mail feature to all members in the tee time is fantastic! You no longer need to call everyone and they can get all this information 24 hours a day.

We are very pleased with ForeTees and now if it could only read putts, you would really have something!

The members at Hyperion Field Club began using Foretees to make tee times early in the 2004 season. It is not an exaggeration to say that the immediate response from the members was overwhelmingly positive. Even those few who doubted that it would work quickly admitted that having the system was well worth the club’s expense and the member’s small cost. In addition to the instant acquisition of tee times, Foretees has enhanced communication between the professional staff and the membership. Information such as upcoming golf events, important dates for maintenance and notices pertaining to changes in the golf program initiated by the Board of Directors is readily available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week! All of us are amazed that the system can handle scores of requests during the peak reservation periods, and no “down time” has occurred. Incidentally, demonstration of the system for potential members has had a positive effect on recruitment.

Finally, as good as our professional staff is at handling the phones and satisfying requests for specific tee times, we would not want to operate our golf reservation and communication system without Foretees.

Personally I have found ForeTees to be a great system to instantly and easily make t-time reservations anytime day or night. It is simple to use in setting up a foursome, or to be able to look at the t-sheet and join another group. I no longer have to call the pro shop to sign up for an event, ask when the greens are being aerated, or is it a guest day. I can simple look at the t-sheets on line and plan accordingly. As the Golf Committee Chairman the statistics we are able to capture with the ForeTees software are an invaluable tool for us to evaluate our play counts and event participation. We have used the home page a great deal to make upcoming golf events announcements, handicap posting information, golf course maintenance updates, etc. it has become the central point of information for our golfing membership.

Fantastic!! Why would any club still be using the old paper and pencil tee time reservation system? This system allows me to get real time service. I am able to login to see who is playing, and potentially join in with a group of members I do not necessarily know. The systems also allows me to see where the slower golfers are playing, thus making it easier to get ahead of them. This is the best thing I have ever seen!!

I am the President of Burl Oaks Golf Club. Since the inception of the on line ForeTees system, we have seen a marked improvement in the effectiveness of our pro shop staff on Saturday and Sunday mornings. Before ForeTees, our staff would tie up at least one person just answering the phone, while putting others on hold for extended periods of time. Now, members go on line, and free up our staff. As an example, I get up early every Saturday and Sunday morning, go on line from home, and reserve our groups time for the next weekend. When I get out to the club, I can inform the other members of our group of the time for the next weekend. The system has been very effective.

The Albany Country Club in Albany County, New York began using the ForeTees tee reservation system in the spring of 2004. As with any new system, especially one that uses a computer and modifies the time honored tradition of talking to the proshop to reserve tee times, I was apprehensive about the functionality of this new approach to reserving tee times. Well the 2004 golf season is all but behind us now in upstate New York and I can honestly say that our members who use the system have almost 100 per cent satisfaction with all of its features. Personally I have used the system since its inception and really don’t know why any club would function without it. The designers of the software certainly know the needs of club members and have pretty much thought of everything. Some of the features which I think are important include:

  1. The system automatically generates an email to the entire foursome when a reservation is made or when a change to the reservation is made.
  2. On Saturday and Sunday mornings when we have a “lottery” in effect, the system notifies the members of the foursome the requested time and when the proshop makes the assignment another email is automatically generated showing the exact time assigned.
  3. The tee sheets for every day are easily accessible for viewing by the member, so if you don’t have a foursome you can easily spot openings and sign yourself in.
  4. If you forget to make or modify a tee time during the day, but remember to do it at 3am, the system is 24/7.
  5. On the second day of tournaments when pairings are done by score you don’t have to remember to call the proshop to obtain your tee time. At our Club this usually means remembering to call sometime on Saturday afternoon for your Sunday time. With ForeTees just turn on the computer and either check your email or view the tee sheet.

I know that the software used by Foretees is continually undergoing updates based on input from users, but I can honestly say that in my view the system is flawless in its current format.

The addition of ForeTees to our Club proved to be one of the smartest moves we made in ’04! Our membership truly appreciated the ability to reserve tee times from the convenience of their home or office, not to mention the elimination of the numerous phone calls required in the past! Our Professional staff was able to better serve the members ”in front of them” due to the decrease in phone calls and consequently, membership satisfaction is at an all time high! Advertising Club events on ForeTees not only helped our golf operation, but our Food & Beverage numbers as well! A first class service!

Craig (Head Golf Professional)—I just want to tell you how super “ForeTees” is. While Marcia and I love talking to you and the other personnel in the golf shop, it sure is much more convenient to make, receive and change our tee times on line, as well as signing up for tournaments. Now when we are at the golf shop we can spend more time talking to you and the rest of your staff about matters other than tee times. Great move in providing this service at Meadowbrook.

Best thing we have done in 10 years, simple to use for those individuals who do not have a clue on how to use a computer; very user friendly! This system has taken the service level provided by the entire staff to a whole new level. The professional staff is able to spend more time servicing the membership, instead of standing behind the counter answering the phone, or for the phone to answer.

As the Golf Committee Chairman, the statistics we are able to capture with the ForeTees’ software are an invaluable tool for us to evaluate our play counts and event participation. It has become the central point of information communication for our golfing membership.