A Day In The Life Of Your Club With


See how your members & staff could benefit when all systems work together on a single & powerful club platform.


Dad Books A Tee Time at The Club

Dad wants to bring a couple friends to the club for a day of golf.  To the country club’s website he goes, quickly making a tee time for him and his guests. “3 sleeves of balls and a club hat for each of his guests,” he adds to the tee time note.

Meanwhile, At The Golf Shop

The tee time is displayed live for the Staff in ForeTees Golf. As the sun rises, the golf balls and club hats requested with the tee time are awaiting the golfers in their carts. As the foursome arrives at the course, Golf Operations can move swiftly to welcome Dad and his guests to the club. The cart charges and guest fees are billed to Dad in ForeTees POS.


Mom is making reservations too

With Dad golfing, it’s time for Mom to enjoy her own time at the club! Mom checks the country club’s App and sees their daughter has tennis and their son, swimming lessons. “That means time for a quick yoga class for me!” A busy day at the club for all and an enjoyable family dinner to end the day all managed in the palm of her hand.

The staff has more time to spend with members

The club staff knows the names of the members attending classes and lessons, without having to take phone calls or answer and manage email correspondence.  They can focus on entertaining members and making guests feel welcome!


The Guests Are Impressed

From the moment the guests arrive they have been treated like VIP. Thanks to ForeTees ONE, the club is well prepared for their arrival and take advantage of every opportunity to make sure their day at the club is as enjoyable as possible. 


After a fun filled day at the club, the family spends dinner time sharing stories about their day at the club. A great way to wind down and enjoy the simple things in life!