ForeTees Dining was designed with one central theme: Duplicate the speed and ease that members have been enjoying since 2002 with ForeTees online tee times. Once you see ForeTees Dining, you’ll agree that we’ve accomplished our goal not only for the members, but for your dining & event staff as well.

Easy To Use

Fastest & easiest booking processes your members and staff will ever see. Member learning curves are virtually non-existent and staff learning curves are reduced to hours.

Comprehensive Reporting

Audit trail of every reservation taken including date and time-stamped detail of who created, changed or cancelled it and customized reports that are easily exported.

Transparent Booking

Booking restrictions are plainly and politely communicated to members and staff when they are violated. Where appropriate, members are given other booking options while authorized staff is allowed to override the violation. For accountability, ALL staff overrides are tracked and easily shown in customizable reports.

Deep Option Sets

Optional ability to manage inventory of specific tables and/or table types.

Fast Set Up

Internet Access and login credentials are all that’s needed to access ForeTees Dining, essentially eliminating costly tech support and ongoing expenses for version upgrades.

Multiple Facilities

Easy setup process for multiple dining facilities with unlimited variations for things like seasonal hours of operation and differing table types and turn times.

Industry-Best Support

Support is 24 x 7 and provided at no additional charge as are ongoing system functionality enhancements.  Support personnel has extensive experience in private club food & beverage operations.

Flexible Permissions

Ability to limit administrative access to different staff members and departments depending on their responsibilities. Quick ability for authorized staff person to control and modify those permissions at any time.

Simple Interface

Simple and intuitive ability for authorized staff to create, query and manage ALL reservations — a la carte dining as well as events “on the fly” from a single administrative tab.

Custom Alerts

Reduces overbooking by alerting staff of tables in use (or covers) by dining location and time—even factoring in table turn times.

Personalized Service

Member preferences “travel” with every reservation made allowing staff to instantly be aware of food allergies, service likes & dislikes, drink preferences, etc. Members cannot see these comments, but can make comments of their own at the point of registration, which are then shown in the confirmation emails they receive.

Eliminate Errors

Stellar performance as far as booking accuracy is concerned—double booking is essentially eliminated.

"Can't Miss" Marketing With ForeTees

Targeted Messages

All signed in members will immediately see dining announcements before making their reservations. Leverage this area’s visibility by posting cross-marketing messages for other departments and club revenue centers.

Guaranteed Confirmations

Reservation confirmations are sent electronically for every reservation, whether taken over the phone, in person, or online.


Confirmations may be customized to include cross-marketing information from other departments to create a higher level of member awareness, engagement, and increase non-dues revenue.