Please note that in order to setup the FT Caddie App YOU MUST BE A CADDIE OF A PRIVATE CLUB that uses the ForeTees Caddie Management System and the FT Caddie App.

Step 1. Enter in the Club ID or Club Name (club name will have no spaces).

Step 2. Now you will be asked to enter in your Caddie Username and Password.

Step 3. Once logged in you then may be asked to change your password.


Login Option 2 is through Email:

Step 1. Enter your email address that is tied to your ForeTees Caddie Account.

Step 2. Check this email and you will see an email from  In this email you will see login info. If on a mobile device with the FT Caddie App installed you can use the “Tap Here” button, if viewing email from a different device then you can enter in the login information provided.