ForeTees and GHIN Offer Valuable Interfaces

A little over 3 years ago, ForeTees announced two significant additions to its system involving interfaces with the GHIN handicap system. These additions were met with enthusiasm from all of our accounts using GHIN for their handicap service.

  1. TOURNAMENT MANAGEMENT became a breeze with the possibility to export an event registration list to a file location where it can be imported into GHIN’s Tournament Pairings Program. This eliminates the need to manually enter the players into the TPP Program and results in a huge time savings for golf staff when it comes to setting up golf events for their members.
  2. HANDICAP POSTING/PEER REVIEW REPORTING ForeTees can also download handicap information nightly from the GHIN Enterprise Server—-then store it in the ForeTees database for easy access. This feature allows for valuable score posting and reporting capabilities. The golf staff, handicap or golf committees can more easily track which members are NOT posting scores for handicap purposes.

These are just two good examples of why ForeTees is the best in the business when it comes to your online tee time needs. But ForeTees is so much more than online times and GHIN interfacing. Our system will allow members to sign-up for events online, assist with pace of play reports, track golf course utilization, provide valuable play statistics and so much more.

ForeTees also now offers a fantastic new Tee Time Notification System for private clubs who do not take tee times, but still want to enjoy the tremendous staff-side benefits & features inherent to the ForeTees system.

Finally, ForeTees launched in Spring of 2012 an incredible Caddie Management & Notification System that comes at NO CHARGE to existing ForeTees customers that over 40 clubs have already adopted and are raving about.

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